Movie Review: Gladiator

Gladiator (2000)
Viewed:  Blu-ray

"Gladiator" is about a Gladiator.  I watched it.  This is my in depth review.  Ok seriously.  Russell Crowe is Maximus a general for Marcus Caesar.  After defeating some folks in Germania Caesar (who's really old) tells Maximus that he will be the protector of Rome after he dies because his son Commodus is a bad egg and can't become emperor.  Of course Commodus doesn't take to this news to well and kills his father with a hug before he can tell anybody else about his plans.  Which throws Maximus in a pickle because he realizes Commodus killed his father and so Maximus wants to keep this a secret and has him sent off to be killed along with his family.  Maximus escapes his execution though and heads off to find his family, dead.  He faints in the sun.  He then is picked up by some slave trader and from there he is traded to a man who is in charge of Gladiator games.  Which eventually puts Maximus back in touch with Commodus and Maximus vows revenge not only for his family but Rome.
The action of course is incredible and cinematic and the entire movie feels very big.  It's an epic and justifies its 3 hour run time with a good story, action, and great acting.  I only had two problems with it.  One I wish there more big cat fights (lions, tigers, etc.).  Two everybody's name sounds the same and has way too many m's.  Not this isn't the movie's fault because these are the character's real names but man did it confuse me at time.

Judgement Sentence:  Glad-i-ator