A year & half later

It has been a year and a half since I I've updated this blog with a movie post.  Once could say I got lazy and stopped updating it but that's primarily because I just got use to entering in my reviews on movies at Letterboxd.com.  So while it may seem like I haven't written any reviews I have I just haven't posted them here.  You can find all these reviews at my Letterboxd Page.

As of right now I don't think I'll be updating this blog.  I may get into the habit of posting here again but without all the structure I had before.  We'll see.  The main reason for this departure is that I found that I really was only doing these posting for myself and would never refer to here but rather my Letterboxd Page.  That being the case I stopped copying and pasting my reviews there and just started writing them there instead.

So I guess that's it.

Que Sera Sera.


My #PrettyLittleLiars Tweets (Updated)

This will be an updated post where I keep track of all my tweets about Pretty Little Liars.  Enjoy.


Review: 2 Guns

I don't know whether to give away the twist or not.  Is it even a twist if the movie blows it load in the first twenty minutes (forgive me I saw "The To Do List" right before this one).

Honestly, had they kept the element of both of them being undercover until the end I think this movie would have been a solid 3 stars.  Instead this fact is given away rather quickly and instead I was treated to a tangled mess of everybody conning everybody and it just gets well to be frank "messy."

Review: The To Do List

Blowjobs, rimjobs, hanjobs.  Why are there so many jobs?

That is one of the many jokes you can except when watching "The To Do List"  Not convinced?  How about a joke where Aubrey Plaza confuses motorboating with actual motorboats.  Funny Right?


Review: The Wolverine

This marks the second X-Men movie I've seen.  The first being X-Men: First Class.  However, I'm very familiar Hugh Jackman's persona Wolverine.  That all being said this movie felt just silly.  The plot was convoluted due to the movie being so boring.  

Hugh Jackman is great if a little bit to over the top at times.  Nonetheless he's the only really redeeming thing to the film.  Its just to bad the plot doesn't support what he brings to the table leading to everything just falling apart.

Last note I have had no interest in watching the previous X-Men movies.  However, the scene shown mid credits meant nothing to me and so now I do want to see them.  However, I'm pretty sure they will not provide me any real answers and instead just more disappoint and loss of time.

Judgement Sentence:  Schwing! Schwing!